About Us


AdBlaster has quickly become a popular ad blocking extension because it puts the user in complete control of their browsing experience. Not only does it block all types of ads, but it blocks tracking cookies so that our user's privacy is protected as well.

  1. Blocks All Online Ads We do not whitelist or allow any ads through unless the user chooses to do so specifically.
  2. Tracking Protection AdBlaster blocks tracking cookies so companies can't track your online activity.
  3. Faster Internet AdBlaster increases page load speed by 44% on average.
  4. Use Less Data AdBlaster decreases data usage per page load by 19% on average.
  5. Customer Support We provide email support 7 days per week.
  6. Non-Secure Websites Should Not Ask You to Disable AdBlaster  You should not be asked by any non-secure website to disable AdBlaster because we work hard to ensure that it works on all non-secure sites. If you ever are asked, please contact our customer support team